Meeting Dates

Please note that as of 18th March 2020 all future physical Parish Council meetings have been cancelled based on current advice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).  We will be conducting meetings online which you are able to attend virtually.  Please click here for more information.




Tuesday 2nd - Planning Committee.  7.00pm

Tuesday 9th - General Purposes.  7.00pm


Tuesday 6th - Finance & Legal Committee.  7.00pm.

Tuesday 13th - Full Council, 7.00pm.

Tuesday 20th - Planning Committee.  7.00pm

Tuesday 27th -  General Purposes.  7.00pm


Tuesday 18th - Annual meeting of the Parish 6.30pm.  To be confirmed.

Tuesday 25th - Annual Parish Council Meeting.  6.00pm (note earlier start time).


Tuesday 29th - Finance & Legal Committee  7.00pm