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Walberton Pond - August 2022

This is only the second time that Walberton pond has dried up in over fifty years but the risk may increase as the climate changes. We are therefore dealing with the short-term fish welfare problem and planning for a more a resilient pond in the future. As we experience this extended period of low rainfall and possible drought, there is concern regarding the fish in Walberton Pond. The Council has been monitoring water levels since June and we're currently seeing a daily drop of around 5mm. As water volume reduces, water temperatures increase and oxygen levels drop. This can become a compounding spiral of problems that combine to cause significant issues for the fish if conditions deteriorate too far. At present, the water levels are a little above the threshold for the fish to experience major welfare problems but that won't last for much longer. WPC has been in regular contact with the Environment Agency but unfortunately, they do not undertake water top-ups or fish relocations. It should also be noted that moving wild fish without EA permits is not allowed due to disease transfer risks.

It is estimated that we have approximately two weeks before the water levels will be too low to sustain the larger fish in the pond. The council is therefore talking to suppliers with the aim of acquiring a temporary holding tank that can be put into the pond on a temporary basis. We will then move larger fish into the holding tank followed by others as necessary. This will alleviate the potential for the fish to suffer and die between now and when rain falls in sufficient quantities to recharge the pond to normal levels.

In the longer term, the Council is looking into having the pond dredged, reprofiled and planted with marginal plants that will favour wildlife such as dragon flies and newts whilst enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the pond, and the village as a whole.

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