Your Parish Council


The Parish Council consists of 9 councillors who serve our villages community, led by the Parish Clerk, who is the only employee.  All councillors are volunteers, and none claim expenses

Our Mission Statement

The Parish Council seeks to continually improve the quality of life and encourage pride in the villages and local environment by promoting an inclusive community, supporting local businesses and facilities, and shaping the future of the parish for a sustainable future.


To support the Mission Statement the Council aims:

  • To represent the interests of parishioners for the benefit of the community and give residents the opportunity to influence their future
  • To create a socially inclusive and caring community which embraces all residents, irrespective of age, gender, culture, income, race or religion and to develop mutual cooperation
  • To conduct council business in an open manner and keeping residents informed of issues and events through newsletters, meetings and the website
  • To work in partnership with local organisations, agencies and other government authorities
  • To manage the Parish Council’s assets and finances effectively and efficiently to achieve best value
  • To do whatever is in its power to make Walberton Parish carbon neutral

As well as regular Full Council meetings there are several committees that also meet; Planning, Financial and Legal together with General Purposes.  We also have a Neighbourhood plan committee who were proud to produce an initial and updated Plan. Our turnout and Yes vote for both were the highest in the Arun district. The updated plan came in to effect in July 2021. You can view the plan here

Meetings take place in Walberton Pavilion at 7.15pm, normally on a Tuesday and members of the public are invited to attend and participate at public question time.

We are proud of our Parish’s history and environment and we are committed to ensuring that our Parish thrives in the 21st century – we want our villages to be a great place to grow up, grow business and grow old.

You can read about the history of the Parish Council here.

A Century of Grass Roots Democracy in Walberton reproduced by kind permission of Mr. Don Milburn MBE.

Committee responsibilities

You can find what each Committee is reponsible for and who their parish council member are here.