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Biodiversity +

Traffic data +

Pollution and Air Quality +

  • During construction (3 years) dust, rubble and disruption to the air and area you live in.
  • Permanent reduction in the fresh/clean air levels of our villages
  • Air quality reduced around Walberton school, Pre-School and Community Play Centre
  • Greater traffic volume on our quiet streets means more air pollution
  • Pollution run-off from more vehicles and road surfaces polluting local streams, ponds and waterways.
  • Queuing car engines backed up at bottlenecks in villages as ‘rat runs’ are more frequently used

Cultural Heritage and Views +

  • This route will slice Binsted village in two with 16 houses south of the new road and 23 to the north
  • This route will destroy and remove many of the local views and vistas across the villages
  • The setting of St Marys Church (Grade 2* Listed) will be scarred and changed permanently
  • National Highways do not seem to have properly considered the effects on the Church in their preliminary assessment
  • River Arun, Torrington and Binsted Rifes cut over by the road accessible only by underpass
  • Undermines our Neighbourhood Plan which protects our landscape
  • Loss of ancient trees and treasured landscapes
More detail on the heritage impact can be read here.

Noise +

  • Increased heavy machinery movement and noise during construction
  • Heavy lorries diverted across all roads in the area permanently
  • Volume of traffic increased across the area permanently
  • Impact to protected and fragile wildlife species  
  • Incessant background noise disturbing quiet village life and schools
  • Dangerous, noisy and destructive to our quiet roads and footpaths

Yapton Lane overbridge - online or offline? +

  • We feel that an online option (ie using the existing route and going straight over the A27) would be preferable.
    • Yapton Lane would remain at the same level, reducing noise and visual impact.
    • The A27 would be deeper into a cutting, further reducing the noise levels.
  • We also want the A27 to remain in the deeper cutting longer than NH propose to the west of Yapton Lane
    • We want the cutting to remain deeper until Tye Lane and gradually return to normal ground level
    • This reduces the noise and visual impact to the north of the village

Avisford Park Golf Course - 9 or 18 holes? +

  • Our opinion is that an 18 hole course, maintaining the existing scale, would be preferable.
  • However, the proposed location is NOT appropriate and an alternative should be found.

Population and human health +

Objections in Principle +

  • The information supplied in the consultation is extremely limited and often out-of-date.
    • Many questions that have been asked of NH remain unanswered
    • We feel that this lack of data renders the consultation not fit for purpose
  • It is our opinion that the scheme does not adequately meet the objectives set out by National Highways. You can read our explanation here.
  • We are disappointed that proposals which better fulfil these objectives at much reduced cost and environmental impact have not been considered. You can read more about the Arundel Alternative here.