A27 Questions for Exhibitions

The A27 public exhibitions are your chance to find out more about the proposals.

In our opinion there is a lot of important information missing from the brochure and documentation supplied.  To help you, here are some questions that you may wish to ask the National Highways representatives as a starter.

  • How much is the scheme likely to cost?
  • What are National Highways doing to prevent the massive 42% increase in traffic through Walberton?
  • What are National Highways doing to fix the issues that the scheme will cause at the Fontwell roundabouts?
  • What are the predicted traffic flows along West Walberton Lane, Eastergate Lane, Wandleys Lane, Lake Lane, Barnham Lane?
  • What is the whole journey time change between Chichester and Worthing, not just over the small length of the bypass?
  • What level of movement of vehicles is expected at the Yapton Lane construction compound?
  • How will the reduction in speed limit to 50mph be enforced?
  • How will the young children at the Primary School be protected from the adverse health effects from noise and air pollution generated just 110m away?
  • Some Binsted homes will still have 70 mph traffic - Why can’t you make the whole route 50 mph?
  • If a significant portion of the route is 50 mph why won’t the 40 mph Arundel Alternative work?
  • How are all the lorries from Lake Lane going to access Grey?
  • Tye Lane – we want the online Yapton Lane bridge. Why can’t Grey be at the same depth at Tye Lane as the offline option?
  • Bat survey – what is and where can we find the latest data? What does it show in terms of species and where are they?
  • Golf – where are the existing golfing facilities in Arundel? We know of none - Page 20 – C.  Please show us where the new back 9 will be.