Neighbourhood Plan Review 2020

Review - Next steps

Our Plan commences its first six week consultation on Friday 3rd July (so-called "Reg 14").

All comments must be received by the 14th August.

You can email or write c/o the Parish Council office.

You can view the draft Plan here.

All of the supporting documents and policy details can be read in the Evidence Base.

Neighbourhood Plan Open Day

Saturday 18th July on Walberton Playing Field and Pavilion.
10 am to 3 pm with social distancing.

All new and changed polices will be on display including proposed sites for housing.

The full set of displays and information can be found here.

Further information and supporting documents

Sites proposed for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan

26 sites were assessed by AECOM, the Neighbourhood Plan’s professional advisors. These included sites put forward by landowners and those in Arun DC's HELAA (Housing & Economic Availability Assessment)

  • Site B. Land to the west of the A27 Fontwell
    (The National Trust land)
    Reasons for including in NDP:
    • AECOM recommended inclusion for 40 homes
      • It is adjoining the built-up area in a sustainable location with easy access to bus and cycle routes and does not have major constraints so is considered suitable.
    • The National Trust (NT) plans to develop the land to fund necessary restoration work on their Slindon Estate
      • Adjacent land at Lanes End has been approved by ARUN
      • The NT land will be surrounded by approved development and the A27
      • ADC are certain to grant planning permission for housing here
      • HELAA report says “As at Sept 2019 - Promoter has estimated that submission of full planning application to be around June - Sept 2020 and completion of last dwelling to be in 2023” and this is based on 55 houses.
    • The NPD Team had discussions with the NT following their initial proposals for up to 95 dwellings resulting the revised proposal presented today, namely:
      • Reduction to 40 dwellings which includes 4 Flats
      • Provision of land for an urgently needed Community Child Care facility at Fontwell
      • Provision of a LEAP (Local Equipped Area for Play)
      • Open space and walkway along the A27 boundary 
  • Site 12. Land at Gracelands Farm
    Reasons for including in NDP:
    • AECOM recommended inclusion for 2 houses
    • The site meets local policy
    • It is adjacent to the BUAB and adjacent to a site that has recently been granted planning permission for 8 houses
    • There are no major physical constraints
  • Site H. Land at Dower House
    Reasons for including in NDP:
    • AECOM recommended inclusion for 6 units
      • The site is within the Built Up Area
      • The conclusions from the HELAA, that the site is suitable for housing, are reasonable to apply in the Neighbourhood Plan context.
      • The site meets local policy.
      • Preferred development is 6 retirement flats/maisonettes within easy walking distance from village facilities
  • Site Q. Land to the rear of Longwall, The Street
    Reasons for including in NDP:
    • AECOM recommended inclusion for 3 homes
      • The site has been confirmed as available
      • A previous planning consent for development has lapsed
      • The site is located within the Built up Area Boundary
  • Site 3. Sussex Business Park, Lake Lane
    Reasons for including in NDP for a mixture of 3 commercial units and 11 houses:
    • AECOM said the site was potentially suitable and available if the NPD team was able to address the constraints. The team understand that Arun will accept this site on the following basis:
      • The site could be suitable for conversion of some of from the existing business use to residential under permitted development rights if it met the conditions under Local Plan.
      • Arun District Council indicate support for a mix of residential and commercial development on this site. Retaining 3 commercial units and converting 8 to residential with a further 3 new builds
      • Although outside the Built Up Area, it is close to other housing development sites
  • Sites NOT put forward for the Neighbourhood Plan
    Full details are available in the Evidence Base documentation and in the Open Day displays.

    Contact the Neighbourhood Plan Group: email