A27 Arundel Bypass

We finally have had a response from Highways England to the questions that they were unable to answer during our Landowner Meeting last year.  You can read it by clicking here.

Arun District Council is discussing the Grey route at their Full Meeting on 13th January.

Our Chairman and three residents are asking public questions at the meeting. Click here to read their questions. You can find details of the full agenda and online access to the webcast of the meeting here.

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Gigabit Broadband - it's fast!

Fibre internet imageOur broadband speed is woeful - averaging about 20 to 30Mb/s. With more people working from home or restricted in travel, fast reliable internet access is critical. With YOUR support, we can secure about 10 times the average with full fibre connection to houses and businesses. A huge increase.

The Government and West Sussex County Council have funding available for high-speed internet access to rural areas. This means a potential ZERO cost to us all if enough of you sign up.

Registering your interest here does NOT mean that you have to purchase a better connection when it becomes available. You will not have to change your provider. Even if you're unlikely to use this, you can help others in our villages to improve their speed.

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We can give a big digital boost to our villages.

How can I register support?
To access the form on our web site, click here!

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The Parish of Walberton comprises three settlements - Walberton, Binsted and Fontwell - with around 895 dwellings and at the last count 1735 registered electors.

There are up to 9 Parish Councillors who between them share responsibilities for the Finance and Health and Safety, General Purposes and Planning Committees as well as representing the Council on many other Committees from the Village Hall to District Council Committees.

The Parish Council welcomes members of the public to its meetings and encourages active participation during Public Questions.