Questions for Arun District Council

The following questions have been submitted to Arun District council by four residents of Walberton and Fontwell for the Special Council Meeting on Thursday 10th October

  1. The Council has a stated objective to improve the social and environmental well being of Arundel, Walberton and Storrington. Magenta would be highly damaging to communities in Walberton parish and the other southern villages.
    Given that there is a viable and affordable alternative that doesn’t harm any of these communities and would likely enjoy widespread public support, ie Crimson, why isn’t the Council supporting the Crimson option or even offering an opinion about it?


  2. The Magenta Western tie-in would result in Walberton and Slindon Parishioners facing the sum of all fears with the monstrous multi-directional motorway interchange that we estimate covers at least the size of the Crossbush.
    Not only do they face a 24% increase in traffic along Yapton Lane where HGVs cannot pass each other in at least 2 places, but they also face a North/South Superhighway along Shellbridge Road from the A29 to the A259 and consequent funnelling of rat-running Southern traffic through Barnham Lane, Eastergate Lane, Lake Lane, The Street and the Conservation Areas.
    In view of this, why would the Council support Magenta?


  3. Why are you considering approving support for the Magenta route?
    Please consider other options – you, our elected councillors, are here to decide on behalf of all your residents.
    The Crimson route is now said to be “viable” by Highways England and we firmly believe that this option will unite all our communities.
    It causes the least damage to any residential properties, takes a route through the South Downs National Park that is only fractionally longer than the online ones.
    It is almost identical to the preferred “pink” choice back in 1991 when it received support from not only Arun, Slindon and Walberton Councils, but also the Sussex Wildlife Trust, CPRE, English Nature and butterfly groups.
    Crimson has the second-best Benefit to Cost Ratio and is the cheapest of all offline routes.
    So please don’t choose Magenta.


  4. Local residents have been persuaded by Highways England not to support Crimson due to passing through “ancient” conifers and mitigation costs.
    Now that HE have confirmed that all routes are viable, and Crimson is the cheapest offline route, most residents would support Crimson.
    From speaking with Arundel friends, that includes all parties.
    Would ADC please also now support Crimson?