Email to Candidates 2019

The following email has been sent to all of the prospective candidates standing for the Arundel and South Downs Consituency in the December 2019 General Election.

Dear Parliamentary Candidates,


Walberton Parish Council notes that you have been selected as a candidate for the Parliamentary General Election on 12 December 2019.


As a Parish Council representing several thousand parishioners we work closely with other Parish Councils in the constituency. We find it mutually beneficial to  have a good working relationship with our MP. There are many matters on which we liaise, though recently there has been one issue in particular so serious that it poses an existential risk to our parish.


As you may know there has been a second Highways England public consultation (which closed on 24 October 2019) on a major improvement scheme for the A27 road near Arundel. Six 'colour' options were offered for public comment, two being improvements on the line of the existing road, with four being Bypasses through farm and / or woodlands.


Several of the Bypasses proposed would do serious and lasting damage to the parish of Walberton, actually cutting the parish in half and isolating the village of Binsted. One Bypass proposal, 'Crimson', would not do such damage nor significantly negatively impact on other parishes. However, the outgoing MP was of the opinion that 'Crimson' would not receive planning consent, which we know is incorrect, so he supported 'Magenta', the most damaging route for our villages.


Highways England are considering the various responses to the consultation before announcing the preferred route for the improvement or Bypass and will report around April 2020.


In the light of this impending decision which has such serious consequences for our parish and others with whom we liaise, the Parish Council asks you which A27 improvement scheme you would support and why so that we can advise our parishioners before the General Election.


Your response by the 28 November would be much appreciated.


Thank you.


Yours faithfully,


Andy Peppler - Clerk - Walberton Parish Council

Tel: 01243 554528