What have we done so far?

Walberton Parish Council recognises the need to adapt and has already taken the following steps to recognise Climate Change and to reduce carbon emissions.


  • New efficient low energy heaters
  • Improved loft insulation
  • Double glazing throughout
  • Warm lined curtains
  • All hirers are asked to take their recycling home


  • Electronic rather than paper where possible – both internal and external communications such as the email newsletter
  • Utilising recycled paper as appropriate
  • Hand delivery of Neighbourhood News


  • Initialising and supporting the Jubilee Wood and Community Orchard
  • Protecting our “green” assets

Power and Renewable energy

  • Supported the solar farm development in the southern part of our Parish.
  • Installed solar lights by Walberton play area footpath
  • Changed our 39 street lamps’ bulbs to more efficient lower energy.


  • Negotiated for 11 acres of Walberton Parish Council Public Open Space on the Fontwell Meadows development. Including allotments and a community orchard.
  • Objecting to planning applications which involve the substantial removal of trees and hedgerows.

Litter and recycling

  • Organised a litter picking day with the help of equipment from Arun DC – to be repeated.
  • Advertising recycling opportunities in our newsletters including 2 drop off points for crisp packets.


  • Supported the Walberton to Barnham cycle path and allocated land at The Green to facilitate this.
  • Investigating the possibility of a cycle path between Walberton and Fontwell and secured £180,000 of S106 funding towards this.
  • Working with other local parish councils on looking at ways of improving bus services.